Available puppies


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Daisy & Mckee's

Standard Bernedoodle

puppies were born 7-31-2019 

ready for their new homes anytime after 9-25-2019

Chub Brindle Male 

Charlotte Bicolor Female

Ceirra Lite marked tricolor Female

barbie & cb's

small Standard f1b Bernedoodles (45-70 lbs)

puppies were born 8-11-2019 

ready for their new home anytime after 10-6-2019 

Parents CB Std Poodle (40lbs) & Barbie  f1 Bernedoodle (55lbs)

Ryder Phantom Male 

Rhett Phantom Male 

Rose Tricolor Female

shelby & leo's

Standard Bernedoodles

puppies were born 8-14-2019

ready for their new homes anytime after 10-9-2019

Violeta -  Brindle Female

Valerie -  Lite marked Tricolor Female

Vienna -  Brindle Female

Venus -  Tricolor Female