Roxy - Bernese Mountain Dog  

APRI - K14-YY-ER-33511D

*Genetic Testing - Clear  *Hips/Elbows - Rating (Good)  *Eyes - Vet checked  

Roxy is one of our puppies so has been with us since day one. She is a very sweet and loving Bernese female. If I don't hug her fast enough she will let me know it. 

She weighs 85 lbs. 

Hattie - f1 Bernedoodle 

*Genetic Testing - (Canine Health Check-Paw Prints)  *Hips/Elbows - Rating (Good)  *Eyes - Vet checked

Tipsy - f1 Bernedoodle  

*Genetic Testing Clear - (Animal Genetics)  *Hips/Elbows - Rating (Good)  *Eyes - Vet checked  

 Tipsy is a sweet girl that can't get brushed enough! She would sit still all day if you brush her hair! A treat and a hair brush makes this girl very happy! 



Ragain is Greta's daughter she had our first litter of Bernedoodles 
Ragain and Roxy as Puppies! Aren't they cute! They have been our babies since day one ! There Mom  is our Sweet Greta!