Bernedoodle PRICING

**please note that the prices below are a guideline to our puppy prices. each puppy will be individually priced at 2 weeks**

**Prices are for a pet with a spay/neuter contract**

We do work with breeders on occasion. We charge an additional $1000 +  for breeding rights.

We've worked many years to have the best genetics and structure! 

Standard Bernedoodles f1 & f1b  (60 lbs + as adults)

Tricolor                    $1800- $3000                                                                                             

Tricolor  Merle       $1800-$3000                                                                                                                                             

Bicolor  or  Parti    $1500-$1800                              

Solid                        $1200                             

mini/medium Bernedoodles f1 & f1b ( Mini 20-45 lbs) (Med. 45-60lbs)

Tricolor                $1800- $3000                                     

 Merle                   $1800- $3000      

** UNFURNISHED PUPPIES ARE $500 LESS THAN FURNISHED**                                                                                            



We reserve the right to keep up to 2 puppies per litter. If we decide not to keep our pick we reserve the right to offer them for a premium price. Our premium prices aren't listed.     

The pricing is for Pet Only with a spay or neuter contract. 


For payment we accept Pay Pal +3% ( , Venmo,Check or Money Order . If puppy is being shipped the puppy must be paid in full one week before puppy travels . If picking up balance must be paid in cash. 

This is a guideline of our pricing. We do offer a $500 discount if purchasing more than one puppy. (It doesn't have to be at the same time.) 

We do appreciate referrals! 

Thank you!!