Visitation Policy

VISITATION POLICY:  We understand the desire to meet our amazing Doodle Moms & Dads, but due to the health risk posed to them and their puppies, and to maintain safety and privacy for our family, are we are no longer allowing any visits. Some of our dogs live with us and a couple with Guardians. We are a small in home breeder and don't have a facility for you to visit. 

WE DO NOT allow any visits with our litters of puppies to "test allergies" or "meet a Doodle".

By 6 weeks old, most of our puppies have already been reserved by a family and we make their wellness and safety our top priority. Communicable disease spread by dogs and people in contact with dogs poses too great a risk. Injury and theft are unfortunately very real dangers as well. Therefore, we limit their contact with the public.

We appreciate your understanding.