Sizes Of Bernedoodles  

Standard Bernedoodle  (55- 100+ lbs) 22" + tall ( from floor to top of the front shoulder )

Mini Bernedoodle (25-54 lbs) 18-22" tall

Micro Mini or Tiny (10-24 lbs) 12-17" tall

Bernedoodle Colors & Markings

Bernedoodles come in Black, black/white, black/white/rust (tricolor), sable, brindle, chocolate,  chocolate/white, phantom and merle (gray/black/white/rust)

Markings (Pattern)

Merle is technically a pattern. No two are alike! Each puppy has different markings. Which makes them a flashy unique choice. 

 Below is an example of some of our Bernedoodle Colors & Markings 


Merle Tricolor  

Merle w/ Phantom markings



Phantom - (black & rust with minimal white on face)

Bicolor - (brown/white, white/brown, black/white, white/black)